Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Need Help with Oxalis Problem?

Been doing great for years - this year they look terrible. Leaves look like they have burn marks (not fertilized) - round dead areas. Someone mentioned rust? Also see bright yellow mold looking spots on some (not all). I cut off all leaves to get fresh growth but it seems to recurr. Looks like multiple problems. I have at least 4 varieties - some aare worse than others. Ideas? Suggestions?

Need Help with Oxalis Problem?
Are you sure you have Oxalis? That is a weed in most situations. Contact me at gjgjobs@yahoo.com. If you are cultivating "weeds" it may be from local pets spreading a weedkiller, the terrible weather, or other source? Let me know as I am interested in how you are trying to grow what is basically clover? gjgjobs@yahoo.com.
Reply:I'm not sure i can solve your problem in it's entirety --- but i do object to comments that have no foundation --- not everyone has the same tastes --- and your entitled to your " weed " if you will .

anyhow if you have ' barber poles ' ( that's a name of an oxalis )

not having a shot at you --- and indeed i should say ---oxalidaceae --- just in case i don't know what I'm talking about .

but look about your problem you've asked --- I'd not mind betting ( if you haven't over watered ) that it's nematodes , that are troubling your oxalis --- it is treatable --- and I'd suggest you go down your local nursery and ask them what they would recommend to treat such a problem .

i could confuse you with what i know --- but i live in north Queensland --- and probably a million miles away from a solution you would like to have spelt out to you . good luck


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  2. Hi, I have Purple Oxalis Regnelli Atropurpurea (I found that out by googling it, it's a purple three leaf clover) my friend gave me a pot with only three clovers in it (she has a pot full of them but she too got them as a gift and doesn't really know much about them), I want to know how to make them reproduce. I's there anything I can do, or must I simply wait? Can you help me?